What the Heart Sees

What happens when you get a group of youth members,  a few dedicated facilitators, and throw in some relevant topics? Open discussions, creativity, and an opportunity for peer to peer exchange.

What the Heart Sees is a photography workshop series created for Muslim youth in New York City. In our first edition of this series, the program worked closely with those living in Queens who were within the ages of 13 -18 years old. The 16-week long program enabled participants to connect photography with activism. As American Muslims continue to have the glare of the spotlight on their communities, it becomes imperative that we take control of how we are pictured and who tells our stories. A significant voice that often goes missing is the voice of our youth. Out of this need for safe space in which youth can discuss topics that impact their daily lives and can effectively advocate for themselves, What the Heart Sees was created. In 2011 we finished our second series which took place in Staten Island, and will be having our third series in the Bronx.

Special thanks to all of our facilitators, who dedicated themselves to our program and youth members.