About Us


Khadijah’s Caravan connects people, places and communities through spiritually-based activism. Our aim is to support and encourage values of compassion and justice by focusing on art, education, and entrepreneurship.

Khadijah, the beloved historical figure, successfully tied various traditions to a common route. Inspired by her example, we now interpret the caravan – which was once used to transport goods across the desert – to serve as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange across the urban oasis.

Khadijah’s Caravan welcomes you to join us as we journey to understand and connect the spaces we move through, the issues we encounter, and the communities we claim.

Friends of KC:

Citizens Committee for New York City

Domestic Harmony Foundation

MANY – Muslim Alliance of New York

MUNA – Muslim Ummah of North America

Re-Drawing Resistance

SAALT – South Asian Americans Leading Together

Sadie Nash Leadership Project