Desi America: Ten Years After 9/11 – Featuring KC co-founder Moumita Zaman

Desi America: Ten Years After 9/11

Share your thoughts in a timely forum about South Asian American communities in the post-9/11 world.

How did the tragedy and its aftermath transform Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi American communities? How have their roles as citizens and residents of the United States been redefined? How has it shaped their relationships with Arab, Middle Eastern, and Muslim Americans – and with each other?

Dynamic community organizers and artists PRERANA REDDY of the Queens Museum of Art and the Visible Collective,  PUSHKAR SHARMA of Brownstar Revolution, TITO SINHA of Desis Organizing, Moumita Zaman of KHADIJAH’S CARAVAN share their insights and spark a reflective dialog.

Presented in collaboration with the Asian American Literary Review (AALR) an Asian American nonprofit literary journal and organization, which just released a special issue commemorating the 10 year anniversary of September 11th.

To learn more about AALR’s special issue, please visit or contact

All are welcome.  Free Admission.


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